A New Show Approaches: Tuesday Morning Pod

The All My Friends Are Right Here Network is pleased to announce its newest show, Tuesday Morning Pod.

Hosted by Scott and Vince, Tuesday Morning Pod will have weekly recaps of Saturday Night Live episodes.  Each week, we’ll pick the best episode of the night.  At the end of the season, we’ll pick the best episode of the entire season (or half-season this time).

Search for “Tuesday Morning Pod” on iTunes or your favorite podcast service.


We had planned on starting with the Spring Premiere last week, Episode 11 hosted by Kevin Hart, but we had some technical difficulties.  [Pro-tip: If you’re recording over Skype, make sure the automatically-updated new version of Skype is compatible with your recording software].

Anyway, our favorite skit of the Kevin Hart episode was “Get On Up” or “The James Brown One”.  Check it out on Hulu.

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