AMFARH 018 – Terminator


Come with us if you want to live. In anticipation of the forthcoming “Terminator Genisys,” the guys take a look back at the series that introduced us to everyone’s favorite time traveling robot assassin, the Terminator.

Along the way, they’ll play a game to suss out the sneaky terminator among them who is trying to sabotage their missions and destroy the podcast.

Topics include self-driving Ubers, that movie where Jet Li peed on Jackie Chan, and the greatest actor of our time: Sam Worthington.

Listen now or subscribe and download in iTunes:

THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: We want to see your pictures of chickens reading Dickens. Please post your favorites in the comments below. The winner will get a link to a video of us playing Robocop vs Terminator for the Super Nintendo.

2 thoughts on “AMFARH 018 – Terminator

    • Vincent Goodwin July 2, 2015 / 3:38 am

      Alex….it’s CHICKENS with Dickens…not DICKS with Dickens.

      I’ll give you partial credit.


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