Some of My Friends Read Comics 022 – Deadpool

somfrc022Everybody’s got Deadpool-mania! His new film just broke box office records for an R-rated release… unprecedented for a comic book character less than 30 years old!

To find out how the wise-crackin’, fourth-wall-breakin’, merc-with-a-mouth got to be so popular, we went back to the first time he broke the mold.

In Deadpool #10 & #11 from 1997, good old Wade Wilson goes back in time to 1967 and invades Amazing Spider-Man #47, taking the place of that goody two shoes Peter Parker.

There’s also this picture of Deadpool as Forrest Gump, and we can’t figure out why! It’s pop-culture references galore in this week’s episode of SOMFRC!


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