Saturday Night Love S41E21 – Fred Armisen


Fred Armisen finishes out Season 41 with a bang!  Weird Lewis & Clark plays, high school theatre troupes, and Dead Poets Society parodies galore!

It took until the season finale for our predictions to finally come true (Digital Short promoting Andy Samberg’s new movie, Fred Armisen foregoes a comedy skit for a song with his famous friends).

Also, average-sized Kia wonders if tall people hitting fans is really a thing (Tall Vince says “Yes”).


Best Skit of the Night

Prepare for the End of Season Spectacular!

Also, while SNL Season 41 may be over, we’re not done yet!  We still promised you we’d have an “end of the season spectacular” where we pick the best skit of the season.  That’ll be a new episode in a few weeks.

Visit or to see the playlist for our best skits of the night!

Weirdly, “Miley Wedding Tape” isn’t available on YouTube.  But we’ve compiled a YouTube playlist for all the other best skits of the night!

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