Some of My Friends Read Comics 159 – Agents of Atlas + Amazing Spider-Man #12

Agents of Atlas is a superhero team with a monkey AND a robot. Wow, it really doesn’t get any better than this folks. We’ve been talking about Jimmy Woo and his weirdly thrown together team for ages and now it’s finally time for us to see what it’s all about.

We read their first appearance as a team back in What If #9 when they saved President Eisenhower, and then we read their first substantial miniseries from 2006 by Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk.

Then over in Amazing Spider-Man, we finally finish a full year of this book with #12 in which Peter gets unmasked! Like for real!


Next Time: Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Brian “Box” Brown and the beginning of our next long read: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck #1 by Don Rosa!

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