Some of My Friends Read Comics 182 – Chivalry by Neil Gaiman & Colleen Doran

Our streak of non-superhero comics continues with one of the newest comics we’ve ever covered on the show: Neil Gaiman’s Chivalry which was released just two months ago!

Well, technically it’s a short story he wrote in the 90’s, but it was just adapted to comics by Colleen Doran and it’s a real beauty. Plus it makes us fumble our way through Arthurian mythology, what’s not to love?

Then we move onto the finale of the Korvac Saga in Avengers 177 in which waaaaay too many Avengers get killed.

MP3 (direct download):

Next Time: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask manga by Akira Himekawa and Superman: For All Seasons #1

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