The Friends That Play Together 003 – Mortal Kombat XL

Warning! This episode contains a buttload of violence and gore! That’s because Kimberly and Vince are playing 2015’s Mortal Kombat X! Or more specifically, Mortal Kombat XL – the version that added in our good friends the Alien Xenomorph and the Predator!

Join THE FRIENDS THAT PLAY TOGETHER for a few rousing rounds of skull-cracking, farting on each other (in game), and fatalities!

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The Friends That Play Together 001 – Rampage: World Tour

We’re very pleased to announce our newest show THE FRIENDS THAT PLAY TOGETHER!  This is a Let’s Play video series where friends play videogames together.  They’ll usually be co-op or competitive games where everybody can play together!

On our first episode, our friends play the 1997 classic Rampage: World Tour together!  Join them as their kaiju destroy cities all across the globe! Also, Kimberly learns a horrifying secret about Vince and Robocop!