Some of My Friends Read Comics 204 – Cosmic Ghost Rider + Knightfall #11

Ok so Frank Castle (The Punisher) is imbued with the Spirit of Vengeance (Ghost Rider) and he goes back in time to kill Baby Thanos, but instead decides to kidnap and adopt him.

Also, Frank was the herald of Galactus for a bit, and THEY FIGHT SPACE SHARKS. Hell of a premise in 2018’s Cosmic Ghost Rider by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett.

After that, we finally get to the famous bat-back-breaking issue in Knightfall, when Bane scores a big victory in Batman #497.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 194 – Remembering Kevin Conroy + Knightfall #1

Instead of reading comics, we thought we’d put a focus on watching cartoons for this episode so that we could look back at some of Kevin Conroy’s best work as the voice of Batman in some of his favorite episodes.

First, we cover an episode titled “Perchance to Dream” from Batman the Animated Series where Bruce Wayne dreams of a life with his parents still alive. Then “This Little Piggy” from Justice League Unlimited, where wonder Woman gets turned into a pig and Batman has to save her.

Then we jump into Knightfall proper with the first episode of the Broken Bat Saga in Batman #492 where lots of villains have just been freed from Arkham!


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