Some of My Friends Read Comics 188 – She-Hulk: Time Trials by Dan Slott + JLA #159

She-Hulk has her own show! And it seems to take a lot of inspiration from the Dan Slott run that we visited a while back.

We dive back into it with Volume 3: Time Trials, which collects #1-5 from the 2005 She-Hulk series. There’s cowboys, jealousy, and time cops: the three perfect ingredients in any story.

Then we read our next Earth-2 book with a JLA/JSA team-up in Justice League of America #159.


Next Time: Blade’s Origins with Tomb of Dracula #10-15 + Justice League of America #160

Some of My Friends Read Comics 073 – She-Hulk (2004) by Dan Slott


Anyone else ever been in a court room, representing a ghost or maybe Spider-Man, and just dying to change into She-Hulk?

But you can’t because your boss really wants you to stay regular old Jennifer Walters? But then he screws up by letting a bunch of miniaturized super-villains escape from a high-tech prison? Yeah, me neither.

Join us as we read She-Hulk 1-6 from 2004!


Next Time: Marvel Weddings (Fantastic Four Annual #3, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, X-Men #30)