Some of My Friends Read Comics 095 – The Death of Superman + Secret Wars 5


We don’t want to spoil how Death of Superman ends, so we’ll keep this brief. Let’s just say that a certain “Superman” meets his “death” because he gets “punched many times in the face.”

Join us for this milestone event from the early 90s as well as our continuation of Secret Wars with issue #5.


Next Time: The Death of Jean DeWolff in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man 107-110.

Some of My Friends Read Comics 028 – Power Pack


How was there not a Power Pack cartoon in the ‘80s? How is there not one NOW?!?

We took a look at issues 1-4 of this 1984 Marvel superteam created by debut writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman.

We really let it transport us to a land of sugary cereals on Saturday morning and fake unicorn grandparents that you love more than your actual family (yes, really).

We also try to figure out why someone named Alex Power would choose the much lamer “Gee” as a codename.  Get it together, Alex. You’re an embarrassment to the Power Pack.