Some of My Friends Read Comics 192 – Namor’s First Appearances + Brave & the Bold #197

With Namor appearing in the movies soon for the first time in Black Panther, we go waaaaay back in the past to 1939 to read the first appearance of the Sub-Mariner in Marvel Comics #1, published back when they were called Timely Comics.

Then we read the Namor stories from Marvel Mystery Comics #7-10 to see him attack New York and fight the Human Torch and basically be the biggest a-hole of all time. It’s very entertaining!

Then we finish our tour through the life of Earth-2’s Batman with Brave and the Bold #197, in which Batman recalls the way he and Catwoman fell in love.


Next Time:

  • We go back to the Age of Apocalypse with X-Calibre
  • We start our next long-read, Batman: Knightfall, with Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1