Some of My Friends Read Comics 179 – Spider-Man 2099 + The Korvac Saga #8 (Avengers #174)

It’s time to take our first trip to Marvel’s 2099 universe and meet Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099. He’s ruder than OG Spider-Man and he has a drug addiction problem to boot (technically not his fault).

We read the first 6 issues of this series from 1992 before continuing our Korvac Saga long read with Avengers 174. Korvac actually shows up! And he explodes Benicio del Toro!!!


Next Time: Slayground by Richard Stark adapted by Darwyn Cooke

Some of My Friends Read Comics 168 – Edge of Spider-Verse + The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck #9

It’s raining Spider-Mans!!!

For today’s episode we read Edge of Spider-Verse, a collection of 5 different Spider-Character introductions that led directly into Spider-Verse itself.

We’ve got Noir, Spider-Gwen, a monstrous Peter Parker, a little girl named Peni Parker, and a guy named Aaron Aikman from Tokyo or maybe Dallas. One of these things was not like the other.

And then we continue The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck #9, in which our Scrooge is now finally rich!


Next Time: We start the Age of Apocalypse with Legion Quest (Uncanny X-Men 320 & 321, X-Men 40 & 41) + X-Men: Alpha #1.