Some of My Friends Read Comics 202 – Secret Invasion + Knightfall #9

April is nearly upon us, and that means we’re about to hit our favorite holiday, April Fools Day, when the world famously decides to all read bad comics together.

For our first bad comic this season, we’re reading Secret Invasion, the 2008 Marvel event by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu. Which heroes are really Skrulls? Does it matter? Is this comic as bad as we remember?

After answering those questions, we continue our long read of Knightfall with Chapter 9 in Batman #496.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 176 – Fear Itself + The Korvac Saga #5 (Avengers #171)

We’re getting into April and we had the idea that we would read some… not great comics this month. Because April Fools Day or something. It’s gonna be the worst tradition ever.

We’re starting with Fear Itself, a Marvel event from 2011 which is basically Thor vs a snake. We have issues with it.

We then continue our read of the Korvac Ultron Saga with Avengers #171.


Next Time: All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #1-6 by Frank Miller & Jim Lee