All My Friends Are Right Here 060 – Game of Thrones Summer Music Festival


Let’s kick this summer off with a great big music festival!  Your favorite bands have come together to celebrate the summer and Game of Thrones?  Why Game of Thrones?  Because GoT is a big deal, that’s why!

On this episode, we pick the best 18 bands to headline our Game of Thrones music festival, based on how they represent parts of Game of Thrones.  On the Winterfell Stage, we’ve got bands with multiple deceased members who are still playing.  On the the Quiet Isle Stage, we’ve got the best solo acoustic artists for your listening pleasure!  And Beyond the Wall, we’ve got the bands you’d never thought would reunite, reuniting just for our festival!  And more!

Please make your own recommendations below or our Facebook page “All My Friends Are Right Here”!


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