All My Friends Are Right Here 076 – SERIES FINALE: Our Favorite Everythings


Well, it’s come to this: the series finale of ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE!  After a three-month hiatus, Vince, Michael, Scott, and Dylan return to say adieu to the flagship podcast.

Topics include: San Antonio jazz club recommendations, not wanting to be friends with people who don’t like Battleship, and how long have certain CBS sitcoms been on the air!


Also, please keep this podcast in your feed.  Next week, it will be transforming into our new show FIRST VS LAST, a show talking about long-running series and how they’ve transformed over the years. Our first episode is “Super Mario Kart vs. Mario Kart 8” and you don’t want to miss it!

All My Friends Are Right Here 074 – New York Movie Draft


What’re you lookin’ at?  For our latest Movie Draft episode, we’re picking the best & brightest New York movies!

How terrifying would it be to be the mom from Big, and see a grown man wearing your kidnapped son’s underwear?  Is Birdman the best movie to watch on mute at a bar?  Is the Men in Black song the best movie song ever?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE!


All My Friends Are Right Here 073 – The Best SNL Presidents


SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE WITH SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!!  Vince and Kia rate and review every SNL presidential character.

From Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford to Dana Carvey’s George H.W. Bush to Jay Pharaoh’s Barack Obama, we cover every single time they covered sitting presidents.

We even dive deep into Michael McKean’s tenure as Bill Clinton and friend-of-the-show Randy Quaid’s Ronald Reagan!  And some notable candidates who didn’t get the highest office, like Dana Carvey’s Ross Perot and Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin!

So you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s podcast.  It’s great!  It’s fantastic!  You’ve never seen a podcast like it!


All My Friends Are Right Here 072 – The Best Presidential Eras of Pop Culture


On this week’s episode, we’re looking at the last 3 presidential eras – those of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama!  And specifically, who was best for pop culture?

Did Tom Hanks do his best work under Clinton, Bush, or Obama?  When was Green Day most successful?  Was Will Smith better off before the pre-Willennium days?

Listen this week for a winner-take-all debate where we determine the best and worst presidents of the last 24 years, purely through the pop culture their eras inspired!



All My Friends Are Right Here 071 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 7

This week we’re going back to a much simpler time: summer 2001. The guys delve into Now Vol. 7, the end of the innocence.

They’ll review each and every track (some in more depth than others) and draft their favorite to accurately judge the songs’ merits. Other topics include: dressage, splodging, dissing people on the internet, and quakers.


All My Friends Are Right Here 070 – The Best Michaels vs the Best Vinces


A lot of our friends are having kids these days, and Michael and Vince argue which of their namesakes are better: MICHAEL or VINCE

Who are the best Michaels in film, TV, sports, music, and art?  And who are the best Vinces?  And are the Vinces better than the Michaels?

With Kimberly as a neutral third party!


All My Friends Are Right Here 069 – The Bachelor/ette


All My Friends Are Right Here for the Right Reasons this week, because we’re talking about the holy trinity of reality dating competitions – The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise!

Newcomer Sara and Shay join Vince, Kia, and Kimberly as they explore everything about these series, including how would you behave if you were a contestant on the show, what the different contestants’ LinkedIn and profiles look like, and what’s so genuinely appealing about trashy reality television!

Even if you’re not a fan of the Bachelor trilogy, you will be after this episode!


All My Friends Are Right Here 068 – International Space Station Movie Draft


Recently, Gizmodo made a Freedom of Information Request to find out what movies were aboard the International Space Station.  The full list contains a bonkers mix of recent Best Picture winners, blockbusters, Christmas movies, and forgotten romantic comedies.

On this episode: Kia, Dylan, and Vince imagine themselves as astronauts part of the Space Station’s movie planning committee.  What movie are they watching for the first night?  What movie are they watching when the Russians come to visit?  And what movie franchise or TV series are they totally binge-watching?

Also, the boys discover who’s the best ghost writer in all of Hollywood!


All My Friends Are Right Here 067 – Music Decade: The 1980s


Radical! Tubular! Voodoo Economics! This week, we’re going back to one of our favorite games: Music Decade!

The guys will judge the merits of three given songs from each year in the 1980s, and ultimately determine the 10 songs that perfectly define the decade.

Along the way they’ll answer important questions like: Was John Mellencamp an icon of gay fashion? What’s the real difference between The Replacements and The New Radicals? And do music notes mysteriously get higher in a karaoke room than they do in your car?


Spotify Playlist:

All My Friends Are Right Here 066 – The Pitch Room: Day of the Invasion


Fifteen years ago, Dylan and Scott wrote & directed the award-winning short film “DAY OF THE INVASION”, a loving homage to the alien invasion B-movies of the 1950s.

DAY OF THE INVASION had everything – love, drama, comedy, the best movie president ever (played by Vince) and DESTRUCTOBOT 5000!

Now, Dylan and Scott have booked a meeting with Hollywood’s movers & shakers to pitch a feature length version of DAY OF THE INVASION for a new generation. This is their planning session before they meet with the fabled “Pitch Room.”