All My Friends Are Right Here 071 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 7

This week we’re going back to a much simpler time: summer 2001. The guys delve into Now Vol. 7, the end of the innocence.

They’ll review each and every track (some in more depth than others) and draft their favorite to accurately judge the songs’ merits. Other topics include: dressage, splodging, dissing people on the internet, and quakers.


All My Friends Are Right Here 062 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 6


Take a trip with us back to 2001 as we evaluate the hottest hits on Now, That’s What I Call Music Vol. 6. We’ll discuss all the songs and draft our favorites, determining what tracks have stood the test of time.

All that plus: the band that spawned from the ashes of 3LW, the shocking truth behind the origin of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” and we expose the little-known Swedish plot to take over popular music in 2001.

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All My Friends Are Right Here 045 – Now That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 5


The guys are going back to the well for Now! Volume 5, the most popular entry in the Now series. And for good reason

They’ll debate the top hits of the year 2000 (the first year of the Willenium) and ponder head scratchers like: Is Pharrell ageless? Does Jessica Simpson like John Mellencamp? And how did Aaron Carter beat Shaq?


AMFARH 038 – It’s Party Time (One-Year Anniversary Special)


We’re one year into the show, so happy anniversary to us!

In honor of the milestone, the guys are planning a real rager of the party, and debating details like what Now! artist will perform and what Fast & Furious character will head up security.

Along the way they’ll discuss important topics like the oeuvre of Joan Cusack, Xenomorph job promotions, and how distracting Lenny Kravitz’s penis is.


AMFARH 028 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 4


If you’re planning on time traveling back to the summer of 2000 and throwing a pool party, then we’ve got the music for you.

The guys discuss Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 4 and draft their favorite tunes. Topics include: how to date Mandy Moore, the dumbest way to come up with a band name, and the glorious descending manhood of Lenny Kravitz.


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Theme song by Emily Dale:

AMFARH 027 – Trivia Night with All My Friends


Put on your thinkin’ cap and head down to the pub, it’s Trivia Night with all your friends!

After 26 episodes of useless information, it’s time to put your hosts to the test; they’ll compete in two teams of two, going head to head in categories about Dolly Parton, The Fast & The Furious, sitcom family members, and more.

The winner will return in the next trivia installment to defend their title against a new challenger.


AMFARH 017 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 3


Join the guys as they relive “Now That’s What I Call Music!, Vol 3” the final installment of the series before Y2K forever obliterated all electronic media.

They’ll cover all the hits (and misses…a lotta misses) of the day and draft the raddest tracks for their radio stations.

Topics include: boy bands that reference Doctor Zhivago, Pizza Hut memories, and interesting ways Lenny Kravitz may or may not play guitar.


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