All My Friends Are Right Here 072 – The Best Presidential Eras of Pop Culture


On this week’s episode, we’re looking at the last 3 presidential eras – those of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama!  And specifically, who was best for pop culture?

Did Tom Hanks do his best work under Clinton, Bush, or Obama?  When was Green Day most successful?  Was Will Smith better off before the pre-Willennium days?

Listen this week for a winner-take-all debate where we determine the best and worst presidents of the last 24 years, purely through the pop culture their eras inspired!



All My Friends Are Right Here 062 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 6


Take a trip with us back to 2001 as we evaluate the hottest hits on Now, That’s What I Call Music Vol. 6. We’ll discuss all the songs and draft our favorites, determining what tracks have stood the test of time.

All that plus: the band that spawned from the ashes of 3LW, the shocking truth behind the origin of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” and we expose the little-known Swedish plot to take over popular music in 2001.

Direct download (MP3):

All My Friends Are Right Here 045 – Now That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 5


The guys are going back to the well for Now! Volume 5, the most popular entry in the Now series. And for good reason

They’ll debate the top hits of the year 2000 (the first year of the Willenium) and ponder head scratchers like: Is Pharrell ageless? Does Jessica Simpson like John Mellencamp? And how did Aaron Carter beat Shaq?