All My Friends Are Right Here 059 – Trivia Night with All My Friends, Vol. 2


All my friends are back for another rousing round of trivia!  This time, the questions revolve around Harry Potter, The Terminator series, the Muppets, Sesame Street, and Joan Cusack!

Find out the answers to questions like “Who’s older: John or Joan Cusack?” and “Is that an Underworld sequel subtitle or a Resident Evil sequel subtitle?”



All My Friends Are Right Here 044 – Animated Movie Draft


It’s time for another good, old-fashioned movie draft.  And this time we’re talking cartoons!

What are the best movies based on animated TV series?  What are the best stop-motion animated films?  What are the best animated films rated PG-13 or higher?  What are the best foreign animated films?

From A Goofy Movie to The Secret of Kells to Beavis & Butthead to Waking Life, we run the gamut of animated films…and more!

Learn some culture on this week’s episode of ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE!


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AMFARH 038 – It’s Party Time (One-Year Anniversary Special)


We’re one year into the show, so happy anniversary to us!

In honor of the milestone, the guys are planning a real rager of the party, and debating details like what Now! artist will perform and what Fast & Furious character will head up security.

Along the way they’ll discuss important topics like the oeuvre of Joan Cusack, Xenomorph job promotions, and how distracting Lenny Kravitz’s penis is.


AMFARH 036 – The ABCs of Rock


This week we’re going back to school: the school of rock! On this episode, the guys play a game that will require them to know a little about rock n roll history, and a lot about the alphabet.

Topics include: songs that name drop Wichita, unpopular opinions on Nirvana, and people who are not Matisyahu.

Theme song by Emily Dale (