All My Friends Are Right Here 044 – Animated Movie Draft


It’s time for another good, old-fashioned movie draft.  And this time we’re talking cartoons!

What are the best movies based on animated TV series?  What are the best stop-motion animated films?  What are the best animated films rated PG-13 or higher?  What are the best foreign animated films?

From A Goofy Movie to The Secret of Kells to Beavis & Butthead to Waking Life, we run the gamut of animated films…and more!

Learn some culture on this week’s episode of ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RIGHT HERE!


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One thought on “All My Friends Are Right Here 044 – Animated Movie Draft

  1. Chris Dobson January 13, 2016 / 5:32 am

    Here’s my list, destroying most of your picks!

    Animated Movie based on TV Series: The Powerpuff Girls Movie (also considered: Transformers: the Movie, purely for the trauma involved)
    PG-13 and plus: tempted to double-up with the foreign category, but I won’t. I’ll say Persepolis.
    Stop-Motion: Corpse Bride I guess? I don’t know, y’all took the good ones.
    Foreign: Was there a reason nobody did anything Japanese? Any of Satoshi Kon’s stuff is great, I’ll pick Paprika. Tokyo Godfathers and Millennium Actress are also amazing.
    Movies based on comic strips: Uhhhh Prince Valiant! Marmaduke! I’ll take Flash Gordon.
    Cartoon based on live action franchise: good call on Men in Black, I’ll take Batman: the Animated Series as the obvious counter to that.


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