All My Friends Are Right Here 051 – Music Decade: The 1990s


On this episode, the guys are going back to those gold soundz. It’s another installment of Music Decade, the game where five panelists debate the ten songs that best represent a given decade.

This time the target is the 1990s, the era that gave us OJ Simpson’s Bronco chase, Garth Brooks’s valiant American Music Awards concession, and MORTAL KOMBAT!!!


Listen to the playlist HERE:

NOTE: Apologies listeners, a couple of the songs nominated are not on Spotify.

AMFARH 036 – The ABCs of Rock


This week we’re going back to school: the school of rock! On this episode, the guys play a game that will require them to know a little about rock n roll history, and a lot about the alphabet.

Topics include: songs that name drop Wichita, unpopular opinions on Nirvana, and people who are not Matisyahu.

Theme song by Emily Dale (