All My Friends Are Right Here 071 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 7

This week we’re going back to a much simpler time: summer 2001. The guys delve into Now Vol. 7, the end of the innocence.

They’ll review each and every track (some in more depth than others) and draft their favorite to accurately judge the songs’ merits. Other topics include: dressage, splodging, dissing people on the internet, and quakers.


AMFARH 028 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 4


If you’re planning on time traveling back to the summer of 2000 and throwing a pool party, then we’ve got the music for you.

The guys discuss Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 4 and draft their favorite tunes. Topics include: how to date Mandy Moore, the dumbest way to come up with a band name, and the glorious descending manhood of Lenny Kravitz.


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Theme song by Emily Dale:

AMFARH 019 – Summer Road Trip Album Draft


Summer is a great time for taking a road trip, but what if you could only select 6 albums to listen to while you do it? That’s the dilemma the gang faces today as they try to draft the perfect road trip playlist to get all their friends into their cars. Categories include Country music, standup comedy albums, and albums that sold over 15 million copies. Along the way, they’ll get to the bottom of pressing issues such as Garth Brooks’s baseball tryout, the best time to be a Weezer fan, and just how white you have to be to like Fleetwood Mac.

Want to listen to the guys’ selections on your own road trip? Check out the AMFARH-approved summer road trip playlist:

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AMFARH 008 – Now, That’s What I Called Music, Vol. 2


It’s back! The guys travel back to 1999 to discuss the chart-toppers of “Now, That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 2.”

In addition to discussing the merits of each song and drafting their favorites, they’ll answer questions that have haunted man since the dawn of the 21st Century. Who is Sheryl Crow’s favorite mistake? What hit song was co-written by Seneca the Younger? Can Scott rap all the lyrics to the Robbie Williams classic “Rock DJ”?

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