All My Friends Are Right Here 056 – Bands We Used to Love


Weezer came out with The White Album last week, which has us reflecting on bands we used to love but no longer care about!  Why did our love fall apart?  Did we grow up?  Did the band change its sound?  Did they get political in a really weird way?

Also, how many times does a band have to tell you “We’re going back to our roots with this new album?” before you finally tap out?  And, who’s got the better lead singer turned comic-book-writer: My Chemical Romance or Say Anything? And speaking of Say Anything, why does Kia only like bands who are named after movies?


In the comments below, please tell us what bands you used to love that you’re indifferent about!

AMFARH 019 – Summer Road Trip Album Draft


Summer is a great time for taking a road trip, but what if you could only select 6 albums to listen to while you do it? That’s the dilemma the gang faces today as they try to draft the perfect road trip playlist to get all their friends into their cars. Categories include Country music, standup comedy albums, and albums that sold over 15 million copies. Along the way, they’ll get to the bottom of pressing issues such as Garth Brooks’s baseball tryout, the best time to be a Weezer fan, and just how white you have to be to like Fleetwood Mac.

Want to listen to the guys’ selections on your own road trip? Check out the AMFARH-approved summer road trip playlist:

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