Saturday Night Love S42E03 – Emily Blunt


SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE is back this week to cover Emily Blunt’s episode!  Find our thoughts on ooey gooey quesadillas, missed Kevin Roberts opportunities, and the deal with all those 3’s.

Also, we play some “EB Games” and have some real blunt talk about SNL!


Best Sketch of the Night

All My Friends Are Right Here 066 – The Pitch Room: Day of the Invasion


Fifteen years ago, Dylan and Scott wrote & directed the award-winning short film “DAY OF THE INVASION”, a loving homage to the alien invasion B-movies of the 1950s.

DAY OF THE INVASION had everything – love, drama, comedy, the best movie president ever (played by Vince) and DESTRUCTOBOT 5000!

Now, Dylan and Scott have booked a meeting with Hollywood’s movers & shakers to pitch a feature length version of DAY OF THE INVASION for a new generation. This is their planning session before they meet with the fabled “Pitch Room.”