Saturday Night Love S42E03 – Emily Blunt


SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE is back this week to cover Emily Blunt’s episode!  Find our thoughts on ooey gooey quesadillas, missed Kevin Roberts opportunities, and the deal with all those 3’s.

Also, we play some “EB Games” and have some real blunt talk about SNL!


Best Sketch of the Night

Saturday Night Love Special – Best of Season 41 Spectacular


We’ve reached the end of this season of SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!!  And Saturday Night Live, I guess.

All season, we’ve been picking the best skit of every night in hopes of finding the best skit of Season 41.  Along the way, we’ve compiled a great list of 21 skits that showcase how good SNL still is.

So please go to our YouTube page (All My Friends Are Right Here) and listen along as we pick our favorites!


Saturday Night Love S41E18 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Can you feel the love this Saturday Night?  Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to SNL to host an episode that feels like it came right out of the 80s and 90s.

Aliens go to a singles event, huuuuuge jewelry is sold, and Elaine Benes and Rachel Green ask questions at a political debate!

Also, Kia explains how he wanted nothing more than to have a pet lizard growing up, and how he should do car commercials (but for what company?)!


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Saturday Night Love S41E13 – Melissa McCarthy


Guest-star Ashley joins Kia and Vince this week to talk about Melissa McCarthy’s episode of Saturday Night Live!

Discussion topics include: the sanctity of the Five-Timers Club, overhearing political conversations at Park Slope, how much of a goofball was Kyle Mooney as a kid, and should ever skit end with a car crash?

Those answers and more, all on SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!


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Saturday Night Love S41E12 – Larry David


We’re really feeling the bern on this week’s SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!  Larry David returns to host Saturday Night Live in probably the best episode of the year.

There were some real classics, such as Kevin Roberts, Sturdy Barbie, John Rudnitsky miming Dirty Dancing, and the return of the Super Bowl Totino’s Commercial!  Hear your hungry guys’ thoughts on this week’s episode!

Plus: Our predictions for next week’s episode with Kanye West and Melissa McCarthy!


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Saturday Night Love S41E11 – Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey gives SNL the good kick in the pants it’s needed for years and delivers the great episode we’ve all been asking for!

Actually…it was a mediocre episode with some bright spots.  But, it had some good honest-to-goodness laughs.  Join Kia and Vince as they derail the show talking about The Bachelor!  #oliviasgiantmouth


Also, in the Comments below, please vote to keep Scott on the show or kick him off!

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Saturday Night Love S41E10 – Adam Driver


Saturday Night Love is back from the winter break with some fresh hot takes to warm you up!

On this episode, we cover Adam Driver’s hosting stint.  Find out what we thought of Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, Social Puppeteering, and America’s Funniest Cats!


#undercoverren #saturdaynightliev


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Saturday Night Love S41E07 – Ryan Gosling


Are you there, Gos?  It’s me, Saturday Night Love!

This week, sexiest man alive Ryan Gosling hosts Saturday Night Live for a very special Christmas episode, even though SNL has two more episodes before the big day!

Listen as Vince expresses his disappointment that Ryan Gosling never takes off his shirt, Scott finally finds a “Santa Baby” he enjoys, and Kia suggests that Vanessa Bayer may be doing a better job than Kate McKinnon this season (blasphemy…but also maybe true).


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Saturday Night Love S41E06 – Matthew McConaughey


Alright alright alright!  Failure to Launch star Matthew McConaughey hosts this week’s Saturday Night Love.  Vince brings the party down by talking about homeless mortality rates during the holiday season (seriously, donate your coats you’re no longer using to your local shelter), but Kia and Scott are more than happy to rate and review the show.

Yes, he deserves to host and I hope he does it well!


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