Some of My Friends Read Comics 069 – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire


In the mid-90s, Lucasfilm decided to fill in the Star Wars gap between episodes 5 and 6 with Shadows of the Empire.

There was a game, a book, a soundtrack, a junior novelization… pretty much everything except a movie.

There was even a comic book! And we read it! All 6 issues!

What’s gonna happen?

Is Luke gonna die?! (no) Is Boba Fett gonna die?! (no) Is Han gonna get delivered to Jabba?! (yeah) Is Leia going to be the victim of sexual assault?! (omg, what the hell did we just read).


Saturday Night Love S42E11 – Felicity Jones


We’re back from the holidays with a new episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!  This time, we’re talking about Star Wars star Felicity Jones and what we feel was a particularly mediocre episode.

We also talk Beck Bennett’s Beard Hunk and Prince.  And what’s Donald Trump’s Sunday morning routine?  And how do we feel about Tina Fey calling us out?


All My Friends Are Right Here 068 – International Space Station Movie Draft


Recently, Gizmodo made a Freedom of Information Request to find out what movies were aboard the International Space Station.  The full list contains a bonkers mix of recent Best Picture winners, blockbusters, Christmas movies, and forgotten romantic comedies.

On this episode: Kia, Dylan, and Vince imagine themselves as astronauts part of the Space Station’s movie planning committee.  What movie are they watching for the first night?  What movie are they watching when the Russians come to visit?  And what movie franchise or TV series are they totally binge-watching?

Also, the boys discover who’s the best ghost writer in all of Hollywood!


Saturday Night Love S41E10 – Adam Driver


Saturday Night Love is back from the winter break with some fresh hot takes to warm you up!

On this episode, we cover Adam Driver’s hosting stint.  Find out what we thought of Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, Social Puppeteering, and America’s Funniest Cats!


#undercoverren #saturdaynightliev


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All My Friends Are Right Here 042 – 2015 Wrap-Up



Jurassic World!  Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber!  H is for Hawk!

That’s right, we’re recapping 2015 in a big way!  Listen as we reflect on the year that was — including our hot takes on Johnny Carson, The Sopranos, and Roy Orbison!

We also take a look at 2016 & beyond to worry about Star Wars Episode 9 and the state of sports journalism.

Also, is a fear of dinosaurs a uniquely American trait?


That Was a Game 005 – Star Wars: Episode One Racer (Game Boy Color)

Remember Star Wars: Episode One Racer, the futuristic F-Zero X/Extreme-G-esque racing game for the Nintendo 64?  Well…we’re not looking at that game.  We’re looking at the Game Boy Color port of Star Wars:  Episode One Racer.

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AMFARH 040 – Star Wars: 20 Nice Things to Say About the Prequel Trilogy


We make internet history this week as we dedicate an entire episode to saying nice things about the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In the spirit of the holidays and good cheer, we challenge ourselves to come up with 20 things that the prequel trilogy does well.

Also… What are the lyrics to “Duel of the Fates”?  Is Star Wars part of The Matrix?  Just how awesome are Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee?


Some of My Friends Read Comics 017 – Star Wars: Dark Empire

A long time ago in a continuity far, far away… Dark Horse Comics made a TON of Star Wars comics, more than 500 of ’em. And they kicked the whole thing off with Dark Empire, a story where Luke turns to the Dark Side.

Apparently, this thing was so important that all the Star Wars novels from the 90’s kept referencing it, so we decided to read it and see what all the fuss was about. Join us as we ask the questions: Is Leia a trucker? Is the Emperor a vampire? Is Boba Fett good at anything?

Marvel owns the rights to all these comics now, what with Disney owning everything in the world these days, so if you’d like to read them just head on over to Marvel Unlimited.