Some of My Friends Read Comics 079 – Annihilation: Conquest


Time to head back to outer space!

After the events of Annihilation, Marvel’s reinvigorated galactic universe gets taken over by robots. Sequel time!

Annihilation: Conquest brings back Nova, Quasar, Moondragon, Star-Lord and a whole slew of outer space favorites.

Rocket and Groot make their modern debuts too. We say modern because Groot’s 1st appearance was back in Tales to Astonish #13 from 1960. But he was a little… different. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that trees will always be popular in comic books.


Next Time: Action Comics #1000, Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, Free Comic Book Day 2018 selections!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 064 – Annihilation


Marvel goes back to space! After several decades of neglecting some of their outer space properties, they decided to bring it all back to the spotlight with a big cosmic event in 2006 called Annihilation.

There were a lot of aliens we hadn’t met before, but a few familiar faces (even if Star-Lord did have a weird cybernetic eye).

We read the main event in issues 1-6, but we’ll also discuss all the other event comics that went along with it so we can try to sort through this gigantic cast of characters.


Next Time: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1-6

Some of My Friends Read Comics 056 – The Infinity Gauntlet


We’re heading back out to space!

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps building towards Infinity War, we’re doing the same with all of Jim Starlin’s Infinity books and this time it’s the Infinity Gauntlet, a 6-issue miniseries and one of Marvel’s best event comics of all time.

Spoiler Alert: Thanos kills everybody.


Next Time: Amazing Spider-Man 298-300 – The Birth of Venom!

All My Friends Are Right Here 068 – International Space Station Movie Draft


Recently, Gizmodo made a Freedom of Information Request to find out what movies were aboard the International Space Station.  The full list contains a bonkers mix of recent Best Picture winners, blockbusters, Christmas movies, and forgotten romantic comedies.

On this episode: Kia, Dylan, and Vince imagine themselves as astronauts part of the Space Station’s movie planning committee.  What movie are they watching for the first night?  What movie are they watching when the Russians come to visit?  And what movie franchise or TV series are they totally binge-watching?

Also, the boys discover who’s the best ghost writer in all of Hollywood!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 023 – Warlock by Jim Starlin

Before we recorded our Thanos episode a couple months back, we knew we were gonna eventually head back to outer space to cover the Infinity Guantlet.

But we had so much fun reading Thanos Quest and were so impressed with the writing and art of Jim Starlin that we decided to head back even sooner!

This time we took a look at Adam Warlock, a character that Vince and Kia knew absolutely NOTHING about, other than that he appeared in the background of Guardians of the Galaxy and was eventually gonna be pretty important.

Luckily, Chris is here as usual to clarify exactly what the heck is going on. Join us as we read Strange Tales 178-181 and Warlock 9-11!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 019 – Thanos Quest


Thanos! He’s a big purple dude that keeps showing up in the Marvel movies… but why is everyone always freaking out about him?

Since he’s gonna be the big bad in the next Avengers movie, we figured we’d get some backstory by reading the 1990 comics where he became a major player. And it all started with his resurrection in Silver Surver 34-38, followed by his hunt for the Infinity Gems in Thanos Quest 1-2.

Writer Jim Starlin takes us into the world of Marvel’s cosmic galaxy that he helped form, and artist Ron Lim gives us some breath-taking psychedelic images.

What a team!


AMFARH 029 – Space Rescue Crew Assemble!


This week marks the release of The Martian, a film about an astronaut stranded on Mars. In honor of that premise, all your friends are discussing their favorite space movies and playing a game that will involve selecting a team for a rescue mission of their own.

Topics include: the twist ending of Captain EO, the many facets of the Spaderverse, and whether or not a Jedi can control a Xenomorph.


Theme song by Emily Dale: