Some of My Friends Read Comics 064 – Annihilation


Marvel goes back to space! After several decades of neglecting some of their outer space properties, they decided to bring it all back to the spotlight with a big cosmic event in 2006 called Annihilation.

There were a lot of aliens we hadn’t met before, but a few familiar faces (even if Star-Lord did have a weird cybernetic eye).

We read the main event in issues 1-6, but we’ll also discuss all the other event comics that went along with it so we can try to sort through this gigantic cast of characters.


Next Time: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1-6

Some of My Friends Read Comics 037 – Justice League International


This week, we go back to the late 1980s — a time when most comics were trying to imitate that Frank Miller & Alan Moore were bringing with Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.


Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis attempt to re-form DC’s flagship book as a humorous, light-hearted funny book. Is it successful?  Help us decide as we read JLI 7-13!