Some of My Friends Read Comics 191 – Spider-Man: The Short Halloween + Storm Turns Into a Vampire + Brave & the Bold #182

As the spooky season nears its end, we take a look at some various scarious one-offs.

First up is Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, a comedy one-shot by SNL’s Bill Hader & Seth Meyers.

Then we go back to some classic 80’s X-Men when Storm turned into a vampire in issue #159, and then again when Dracula returns in X-Men Annual #6.

Then we continue our trip to Earth-2 with The Brave and The Bold #182 where Earth-1 Batman teams up with Earth-2 Robin!


Next Time: Namor’s Origins with Marvel Comics #1 + Marvel Mystery Comics #7-9 + Brave & the Bold #197

Some of My Friends Read Comics 037 – Justice League International


This week, we go back to the late 1980s — a time when most comics were trying to imitate that Frank Miller & Alan Moore were bringing with Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.


Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis attempt to re-form DC’s flagship book as a humorous, light-hearted funny book. Is it successful?  Help us decide as we read JLI 7-13!