Some of My Friends Read Comics 069 – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire


In the mid-90s, Lucasfilm decided to fill in the Star Wars gap between episodes 5 and 6 with Shadows of the Empire.

There was a game, a book, a soundtrack, a junior novelization… pretty much everything except a movie.

There was even a comic book! And we read it! All 6 issues!

What’s gonna happen?

Is Luke gonna die?! (no) Is Boba Fett gonna die?! (no) Is Han gonna get delivered to Jabba?! (yeah) Is Leia going to be the victim of sexual assault?! (omg, what the hell did we just read).


That Was a Game 008 – Disney Infinity 3.0

We conclude our look at Star Wars racing games (for the moment) by checking out Disney Infinity 3.0’s “Toy Box Speedway” mode.  We also comment on the weirdness of Disney Infinity 3.0 in general, like Hulk piloting an AT-ST and Chewbacca driving through Gravity Falls!

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That Was a Game 005 – Star Wars: Episode One Racer (Game Boy Color)

Remember Star Wars: Episode One Racer, the futuristic F-Zero X/Extreme-G-esque racing game for the Nintendo 64?  Well…we’re not looking at that game.  We’re looking at the Game Boy Color port of Star Wars:  Episode One Racer.

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