Some of My Friends Read Comics 205 – Aliens vs Predator 2: War + Knightfall #12

Aliens! Predators! Robots! Androids! Monkeys! Asshole Businessmen! Nerds! Marines! They’re all here as we revisit Dark Horse’s AvP crossover universe with 1995’s Aliens vs Predator: War by Randy Stradley.

We check in with Michiko again now that she’s lived with the Predators for a year, and apparently she doesn’t like it!

Then we see the fallout of Batman’s broken back with Knightfall Chapter 12 in Detective Comics 664.


Next Time: Catwoman: Dark End of the Street by Ed Brubaker & Darwyn Cooke

Some of My Friends Read Comics 140 – Harrow County + Squadron Supreme #5

Spooky month continues with a highly praised modern horror comic called Harrow County. It’s a witch book by Cullen Bunn with watercolor finished art by Tyler Crook, so we just had to try it!

The first volume, Countless Haints, was only 4 issues and the haints were honestly pretty countable.

Then we moved on to Squadron Supreme #5 where the entire team gets mind controlled AGAIN.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 133 – Aliens vs. Predator + JLA/Avengers #2

In 1989, long before the AVP movies, Dark Horse published a few short stories that brought the Alien and Predator franchises into the same universe.

In 1990, they kicked off a full miniseries of Aliens vs Predator. Now, with the news that Dark Horse is losing their rights to the licenses, we take a look back at that original miniseries that forever intertwined these two foes.

We also continue JLA/Avengers with issue #2.


Next Time: I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young

Some of My Friends Read Comics 088 – The Goon


Even the undead fear… The Goon! But who is The Goon? We take a look at Eric Powell’s strange pulpy horror adventure crime comic series about a tough guy who beats up spiders and zombies and elves and cows and anyone else who needs a beating.

We’re looking at 4 issues (and a color special) that were self published by Eric Powell, but that Dark Horse later released as Volume 1 of the Goon.

We’re also getting close to the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths with issue #9 of our continuing series.


Next Time: Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka & JH Williams III

Some of My Friends Read Comics 032 – Beasts of Burden


Dogs and cats! Cats and dogs! Ghosts and zombies and witches and frogs!

Instead of our typical superhero fare, today we stray away from the pack (get it?) and read the first volume of Beasts of Burden, a collection of eight short stories about pets encountering the supernatural.

Evan Dorkin’s scary and sentimental writing combined with Jill Thompson’s beautiful artwork makes this a series that’s not to be missed!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 017 – Star Wars: Dark Empire

A long time ago in a continuity far, far away… Dark Horse Comics made a TON of Star Wars comics, more than 500 of ’em. And they kicked the whole thing off with Dark Empire, a story where Luke turns to the Dark Side.

Apparently, this thing was so important that all the Star Wars novels from the 90’s kept referencing it, so we decided to read it and see what all the fuss was about. Join us as we ask the questions: Is Leia a trucker? Is the Emperor a vampire? Is Boba Fett good at anything?

Marvel owns the rights to all these comics now, what with Disney owning everything in the world these days, so if you’d like to read them just head on over to Marvel Unlimited.