Some of My Friends Read Comics 115 – Jughead: The Hunger + All-Star Superman #12


It’s (after) Halloween! And we continue our tradition of releasing a late episode about late, spooky comics with Jughead: The Hunger!

We read the first volume to see if this is another clever take on classic comics like Sabrina was or just an excuse to tell a werewolf story with Archie characters.

And we also finish off All Star Superman with issue #12!


Next Time: Marvel 1602 Pt. 1 (#1-4) and Marvels #0

Some of My Friends Read Comics 114 – Locke & Key + All-Star Superman #11


What’s up, spooks? Time for some scary comics for the spookiest month of the year. First up is Locke & Key by Joe Hill who for some reason reminds us all of Stephen King. Hmm, wonder why that is.

Anyways, it’s a book about the scariest thing in existence: KEYS. We read the 1st volume: Welcome to Lovecraft.

And we’re so, so close to the end of All Star Superman with issue #11.


Next Time: Jughead: The Hunger, Vol. 1

Some of My Friends Read Comics 108 – Animal Man: The Hunt + All-Star Superman #5


Animal Man has never exactly been one of DC’s biggest heroes, but he got a reboot in 2011 for the New 52 written by Jeff Lemire with some gruesome, horrific art by Travel Foreman.

We read the first volume which saw him re-discover his origin, find out that his daughter can turn human arms into chicken arms, and start making his way toward the Swamp Thing.

And then in All Star Superman #5, Clark Kent interview Lex Luthor in prison!


Next Time: Wolverine: Weapon X (1991) from Marvel Comics Presents #72-84

Some of My Friends Read Comics 032 – Beasts of Burden


Dogs and cats! Cats and dogs! Ghosts and zombies and witches and frogs!

Instead of our typical superhero fare, today we stray away from the pack (get it?) and read the first volume of Beasts of Burden, a collection of eight short stories about pets encountering the supernatural.

Evan Dorkin’s scary and sentimental writing combined with Jill Thompson’s beautiful artwork makes this a series that’s not to be missed!