Some of My Friends Read Comics 115 – Jughead: The Hunger + All-Star Superman #12


It’s (after) Halloween! And we continue our tradition of releasing a late episode about late, spooky comics with Jughead: The Hunger!

We read the first volume to see if this is another clever take on classic comics like Sabrina was or just an excuse to tell a werewolf story with Archie characters.

And we also finish off All Star Superman with issue #12!


Next Time: Marvel 1602 Pt. 1 (#1-4) and Marvels #0

Some of My Friends Read Comics 092 – Afterlife with Archie


We’re back! After a little break, we’re picking up right where we left off with a Halloween episode in December.

We read Volume 1 of Afterlife With Archie, which of course led us to some discussion about Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and the CW’s “Riverdale” TV series.

We also continue reading Secret Wars with issue 2 and Vince fills us in on how his personal Justice League is coming along.


Next Time: We remember Stan Lee with Amazing Fantasy 15, Fantastic Four #1, and Avengers #1!