Saturday Night Love S41E18 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Can you feel the love this Saturday Night?  Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to SNL to host an episode that feels like it came right out of the 80s and 90s.

Aliens go to a singles event, huuuuuge jewelry is sold, and Elaine Benes and Rachel Green ask questions at a political debate!

Also, Kia explains how he wanted nothing more than to have a pet lizard growing up, and how he should do car commercials (but for what company?)!


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AMFARH 030 – Saturday Night Live Supercast


Prerecorded from New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and San Antonio, it’s All My Friends Are Right Here!

In honor of SNL’s 41st season premiere, the guys are looking back on five decades of the show to draft their all-time favorite casts.

Topics include: Johnny Dangerously, the many hairstyles of Tim Meadows, and Billy Crystal sketches that were actually Chris Kattan sketches.

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