Saturday Night Love S41E04 – Donald Trump


Well…that was an episode.

Kia, Scott, and Vince talk about highly watched, really mediocre episode of SNL.  Weirdly, one of our big criticisms of this episode was “Why wasn’t there more Donald Trump?”


Best Skit of the Night!
This week’s honors go to the Hotline Bling Parody!

Saturday Night Love – S41E03 – Tracy Morgan


Tracy Morgan’s back!  We’re are down one Scott this week, but that doesn’t stop us from asking the tough questions like Why does Young Osama Bin Laden have a skateboard? Are Bobby Moynihan’s Steven Seagal and Ted Cruz impressions the same impression? And of course, where Jackie Chan at right now?

Add in Astronaut Jones and Brian Fellows appearances, and we’ve got the makings of a good SNL episode!


Best Skit of the Night: Yo! Where Jackie Chan at Right Now?

Bonus Video – Astronaut Jones – The Greatest 4-Seconds

As Kia and I both observed, there’s only 4 seconds of Astronaut Jones available on YouTube.  But if it’s gonna be only 4 seconds, this sure is a great place to start.

AMFARH 030 – Saturday Night Live Supercast


Prerecorded from New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and San Antonio, it’s All My Friends Are Right Here!

In honor of SNL’s 41st season premiere, the guys are looking back on five decades of the show to draft their all-time favorite casts.

Topics include: Johnny Dangerously, the many hairstyles of Tim Meadows, and Billy Crystal sketches that were actually Chris Kattan sketches.

Download (MP3):

Tuesday Morning Pod: Season 40 Special – Best of the Season Spectacular


They did it!  They found the best skit of Saturday Night Live’s Season 40’s spring! In this over-sized episode, Scott, Kia, and Vince go through all their previous Best Skit of the Night contenders and find out what will be remembered as the classic skit from Season 40.

See the skit they picked after the break!

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Best Skits of Season 40 List (Spring)

SNL40 Full Cast

Before our SNL Best Skit of the Season Spectacular next week, here’s one last chance to check out all the best skits from the Saturday Night Live, spring Season 40!

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with SNL, here’s the best 11 skits this spring had to offer.

Sound off in the comments about what your favorite was. Scott, Kia, and I may read your comment on the air and you will be immortalized forever in the completely permanent format of a weekly podcast series.

All the skits are embedded after the break!

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Louis CK (Season 40, Episode 21)


Louis CK finishes off SNL’s 40th season as Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton returns, Riblet steals Che’s jorb, and Kia clarifies once and for all that he is not a pedophile.

This week, our Best Skit of the Night honors go to “Police Lineup” – a funny send-up of New York actor types auditioning to be a criminal.

It’s summertime, everybody!  But we’re not done yet.  In two weeks, tune in for our Best of the Spring Season Spectacular!  We’re going to go through all our Best Skits and pick the best one.

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Reese Witherspoon (Season 40, Episode 20)


Kia and Vince have run of the asylum as Scott takes a break to celebrate his birthday (what a silly goose).  Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live celebrates Mother’s Day with Reese Witherspoon, hosting for the first time since 2001 (Amy Poehler’s first episode to be exact).

Plus: The return of SNL Trivia! The answers may surprise you!

The Best Skit of the Night honors went to the Southern Ladies skit for its quirkiness, oddly specific minutiae, and Kate McKinnon’s silly hair.

And with that, we’re just one episode away from the Season Finale and our “Best of Season 40 (Since We Started) Spectacular!”

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Scarlett Johansson (Season 40, Episode 19)


Start your morning on the right side of the bed with Tuesday Morning Pod!  It’s been 3 weeks, but Scott and Vince are back to talk about Scarlett Johansson’s 4th time hosting.  Join us to hear our thoughts on Weekend Update’s recent improvements, ScarJo and Pete Yorn’s band, and if anyone can have more fun with wigs than Taran Killam. Also, Vince stumps Scott with some SNL and Baseball Trivia.

The best skit of the night was the Black Widow trailer.

The 2nd best skit of the night was Jay Pharaoh’s reaction to ScarJo spoiling the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.  Just…watch Pharaoh’s face.

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Taraji P. Henson (Season 40, Episode 18)

tmp40-18Taraji P. Henson hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live, and boy, was Cookie a real Monster.

While an uneven episode, there was a little something for everyone – the return of Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, QVC cat jokes, Empire/Sesame Street mashups, and super racist A League of Their Own parodies.

All that and more in this week’s Tuesday Morning Pod!

Overall, there were a lot of skits that were good premise, but not much payoff.  Even so, there were some fantastic belly laughs to be had.

This week’s Best Skit of the Night was a controversial decision.  It was Scott and Kia’s favorite, but definitely not Vince’s favorite (because Vince is a good feminist).  It was Teacher Trial.

Tuesday Morning Pod: Michael Keaton (Season 40, Episode 17)


It’s showtime! Michael Keaton hosts SNL for a very, very weird night. Guys, there were Dire Straits jokes. And Johnny Dangerously jokes! And cats dressed as Hillary Clinton!

Kia couldn’t make it onto this week’s record, but our good friend Chris Dobson from the Your Stupid Minds podcast guests on our latest episode.

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The best skit of the night was Easter Candy, a very weird (no surprise) little skit.

Easter Candy is a recurring skit of an Ed Norton skit from last season. It’s also pretty funny!