Some of My Friends Read Comics 203 – All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #7-10 + Knightfall #10

It’s time.

Time to revisit one of the worst comics we’ve ever read on the show… Frank Miller’s All Star Batman & Robin, the famously crass and unfinished alternate universe version of “The Goddamn Batman.”

Our friend Nick (from the Your Stupid Minds podcast) joined us back when we read the first 6 issues, so of course we had to invite him back to talk about issues 7-10.

We were all desperate for some classic Batman after that, so Nick also joined us as we continued our long read of Batman: Knightfall with Chapter 10 in Detective Comics #663.


Next Time: Cosmic Ghost Rider (2018) + Knightfall #11 (The Breaking of the Batman)

Tuesday Morning Pod: Michael Keaton (Season 40, Episode 17)


It’s showtime! Michael Keaton hosts SNL for a very, very weird night. Guys, there were Dire Straits jokes. And Johnny Dangerously jokes! And cats dressed as Hillary Clinton!

Kia couldn’t make it onto this week’s record, but our good friend Chris Dobson from the Your Stupid Minds podcast guests on our latest episode.

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The best skit of the night was Easter Candy, a very weird (no surprise) little skit.

Easter Candy is a recurring skit of an Ed Norton skit from last season. It’s also pretty funny!

Vince Guest Stars on the Your Stupid Minds Podcast!

I just guest-starred on my friend Chris and Nick’s bad movie podcast “Your Stupid Minds”.  This episode, we reviewed 1992’s Batman Returns.

Go to and download Episode 71 today!

“Your Stupid Minds” holds a special place in All My Friends Are Right Here history.  The first podcast I ever appeared on was their “Spy Who Loved Me” episode (Episode 31 – June 2013).  Without that show, I don’t know if All My Friends Are Right Here would have come together.