All My Friends Are Right Here 054 – Ranking the Batman Movies


On this week’s Batman Super-Spectacular, we rank all nine of the theatrically released Batman films!  That means the 60’s Batman: The Movie, the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher quartet, and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, plus the animated Mask of the Phantasm.

Our panel of Bat-experts decides the best Batman movie and the worst Batman movie.  We also decide the best & worst Batman actor and the best & worst Bruce Wayne actor (and they’re not necessarily the same!).  And…find out which Batman movie taught Richard about the existence of the United Nations!


Also mentioned in this episode is the always hilarious Bat Labels Twitter account.

Vince Guest Stars on the Your Stupid Minds Podcast!

I just guest-starred on my friend Chris and Nick’s bad movie podcast “Your Stupid Minds”.  This episode, we reviewed 1992’s Batman Returns.

Go to and download Episode 71 today!

“Your Stupid Minds” holds a special place in All My Friends Are Right Here history.  The first podcast I ever appeared on was their “Spy Who Loved Me” episode (Episode 31 – June 2013).  Without that show, I don’t know if All My Friends Are Right Here would have come together.