Some of My Friends Read Comics 203 – All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #7-10 + Knightfall #10

It’s time.

Time to revisit one of the worst comics we’ve ever read on the show… Frank Miller’s All Star Batman & Robin, the famously crass and unfinished alternate universe version of “The Goddamn Batman.”

Our friend Nick (from the Your Stupid Minds podcast) joined us back when we read the first 6 issues, so of course we had to invite him back to talk about issues 7-10.

We were all desperate for some classic Batman after that, so Nick also joined us as we continued our long read of Batman: Knightfall with Chapter 10 in Detective Comics #663.


Next Time: Cosmic Ghost Rider (2018) + Knightfall #11 (The Breaking of the Batman)


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