Some of My Friends Read Comics 203 – All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #7-10 + Knightfall #10

It’s time.

Time to revisit one of the worst comics we’ve ever read on the show… Frank Miller’s All Star Batman & Robin, the famously crass and unfinished alternate universe version of “The Goddamn Batman.”

Our friend Nick (from the Your Stupid Minds podcast) joined us back when we read the first 6 issues, so of course we had to invite him back to talk about issues 7-10.

We were all desperate for some classic Batman after that, so Nick also joined us as we continued our long read of Batman: Knightfall with Chapter 10 in Detective Comics #663.


Next Time: Cosmic Ghost Rider (2018) + Knightfall #11 (The Breaking of the Batman)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 177 – All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #1-6 + The Korvac Saga #6 (Avengers #172)

For today’s episode, we’re diving into one of the most poorly received Batman comics of all time from the “All-Star” creative team of Frank Miller and Jim Lee.

We had a good time reading All-Star Superman a while back, so how bad could this be? Embarrassingly bad? Offensively bad? Incomprehensibly bad? Maybe all of the above.

It’s so bad that we needed our friend Nick from the Your Stupid Minds podcast to help us wade through it.

Join us as we read All-Star Batman & Robin #1-6, and then continue our long read of the Korvac Saga with Avengers #172.


Next Time: We return to the Age of Apocalypse with Factor X #1-4