Some of My Friends Read Comics 177 – All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #1-6 + The Korvac Saga #6 (Avengers #172)

For today’s episode, we’re diving into one of the most poorly received Batman comics of all time from the “All-Star” creative team of Frank Miller and Jim Lee.

We had a good time reading All-Star Superman a while back, so how bad could this be? Embarrassingly bad? Offensively bad? Incomprehensibly bad? Maybe all of the above.

It’s so bad that we needed our friend Nick from the Your Stupid Minds podcast to help us wade through it.

Join us as we read All-Star Batman & Robin #1-6, and then continue our long read of the Korvac Saga with Avengers #172.


Next Time: We return to the Age of Apocalypse with Factor X #1-4

Some of My Friends Read Comics 100 – Batman: Year 100 + Secret Wars 10


It’s our 100th episode!

And as we do with every anniversary, we celebrate with Batman! This time it’s Batman: Year 100 by Paul Pope, a story that takes place in 2039…aka Batman’s 100th year.

Then we continue our read of Secret Wars with issue 10. Galactus may be defeated, but Doom’s about to Doom.

We also marked this momentous occasion the only way three nerds know how: by talking about more nerdy things. Here’s to 100 more!


Next Time: Batman reaches his own anniversary with Detective Comics 1000 (out on store shelves today!) and we read the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics 27 (May 1939)

Some of My Friends Read Comics 078 – Batman: Year 3 / 3rd Anniversary Celebration!


It’s our 3-year anniversary, so we had to continue the tradition by reading Batman: Year 3 from 1989 by Marv Wolfman with art by Pat Broderick.

No really, we had to, we’re thankful there’s no Year Four.

Originally from issues 436-439, it appears to be a story retelling Robin’s origin. And then they pasted the “Year Three” title on it. Then they changed “Three” to a “3” for some reason. Look, we don’t know.


Next Time – Annihilation: Conquest

Some of My Friends Read Comics 052 – Batman: Year Two


It’s our 2nd year anniversary! So of course we had to keep the tradition alive and read Batman: Year Two from the late 80s, a shameless excuse to capitalize on Frank Miller’s iconic Year One.

Miller wasn’t even involved, but you’ll still see Todd McFarlane first work for DC! That’s… something.

We’ll also try to figure out why Batman would team up with the killer of his parents and why Jim Gordon has turned into a complete idiot.


Some of My Friends Read Comics 043 – Robin: Year One


Batman’s not the only hero to get a Year One.

This time around, the gang reads Robin: Year One to see how it compares to the Frank Miller classic.

We’ll discuss how easy it is to mix up all the Robins, the merits of attacking random little boys on the street, and whether or not Two-Face has a law degree.


Some of My Friends Read Comics 026 – Batman: Year One


It’s our one year anniversary special! And what better way to celebrate a full year of comics than with the definitive Batman origin story, Year One!

And even better, it’s by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, the same creators from our very first episode. Full circle, whoaaaaa!

Join us as we talk about our some of our favorite moments from Batman’s first year in action as well our own first year in action!

And did you know Bryan Cranston once played Jim Gordon? Well he did and it was great! And why isn’t Vince as good as LeBron James?

Join us for all the answers!