Some of My Friends Read Comics 057 – Spider-Man: The Birth of Venom


Spider-Man villains sure do love teasing their arrival before their full first appearances. “Dudes in Shadows” we like to call them.

This time around it’s Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #298-300. Join us as Peter tries to deal with his evil former costume while juggling his romantic troubles.

Specifically how his supermodel wife makes more money than him and wants a bigger apartment. And we feel so, sooooooo sorry for Peter. Really.


Next Time: Prez (1973) – The story of America’s first teenage president!

Some of My Friends Read Comics 052 – Batman: Year Two


It’s our 2nd year anniversary! So of course we had to keep the tradition alive and read Batman: Year Two from the late 80s, a shameless excuse to capitalize on Frank Miller’s iconic Year One.

Miller wasn’t even involved, but you’ll still see Todd McFarlane first work for DC! That’s… something.

We’ll also try to figure out why Batman would team up with the killer of his parents and why Jim Gordon has turned into a complete idiot.