Some of My Friends Read Comics 078 – Batman: Year 3 / 3rd Anniversary Celebration!


It’s our 3-year anniversary, so we had to continue the tradition by reading Batman: Year 3 from 1989 by Marv Wolfman with art by Pat Broderick.

No really, we had to, we’re thankful there’s no Year Four.

Originally from issues 436-439, it appears to be a story retelling Robin’s origin. And then they pasted the “Year Three” title on it. Then they changed “Three” to a “3” for some reason. Look, we don’t know.


Next Time – Annihilation: Conquest

Some of My Friends Read Comics 052 – Batman: Year Two


It’s our 2nd year anniversary! So of course we had to keep the tradition alive and read Batman: Year Two from the late 80s, a shameless excuse to capitalize on Frank Miller’s iconic Year One.

Miller wasn’t even involved, but you’ll still see Todd McFarlane first work for DC! That’s… something.

We’ll also try to figure out why Batman would team up with the killer of his parents and why Jim Gordon has turned into a complete idiot.