Tuesday Morning Pod: Louis CK (Season 40, Episode 21)


Louis CK finishes off SNL’s 40th season as Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton returns, Riblet steals Che’s jorb, and Kia clarifies once and for all that he is not a pedophile.

This week, our Best Skit of the Night honors go to “Police Lineup” – a funny send-up of New York actor types auditioning to be a criminal.

It’s summertime, everybody!  But we’re not done yet.  In two weeks, tune in for our Best of the Spring Season Spectacular!  We’re going to go through all our Best Skits and pick the best one.

Download and subscribe to Tuesday Morning Pod today!  All through the summer, we’re going to be doing special episodes about the SNL legacy and sketch comedy in general.  We hope you’ll stick around until Season 41.

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