Saturday Night Love S41E10 – Casey Affleck


Shirtless Putin returns to SNL this week, and this time, he’s brought Casey Affleck!  Vince and Kia kick things off with an epic SNL Trivia Challenge you don’t want to miss!  Then they pull no punches on their thoughts on the Krampus and robot sexuality.  #hottakes #hottakesfordays

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Best Sketch of the Night

Saturday Night Love S41E07 – Ryan Gosling


Are you there, Gos?  It’s me, Saturday Night Love!

This week, sexiest man alive Ryan Gosling hosts Saturday Night Live for a very special Christmas episode, even though SNL has two more episodes before the big day!

Listen as Vince expresses his disappointment that Ryan Gosling never takes off his shirt, Scott finally finds a “Santa Baby” he enjoys, and Kia suggests that Vanessa Bayer may be doing a better job than Kate McKinnon this season (blasphemy…but also maybe true).


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Saturday Night Love – S41E01 – Miley Cyrus


We’re back for a brand new season of Saturday Night Love (formerly known as Tuesday Morning Pod)!  In our season premiere, we barely talk about Miley Cyrus, but instead talk about Taran Killam’s new Donald Trump impression, conning our brother’s husband out of his money, and how Scott thinks all white people look the same.  And we may get a little political!

I ain’t afraid of no Josts!


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Tuesday Morning Pod: Season 40 Special – Best of the Season Spectacular


They did it!  They found the best skit of Saturday Night Live’s Season 40’s spring! In this over-sized episode, Scott, Kia, and Vince go through all their previous Best Skit of the Night contenders and find out what will be remembered as the classic skit from Season 40.

See the skit they picked after the break!

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Louis CK (Season 40, Episode 21)


Louis CK finishes off SNL’s 40th season as Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton returns, Riblet steals Che’s jorb, and Kia clarifies once and for all that he is not a pedophile.

This week, our Best Skit of the Night honors go to “Police Lineup” – a funny send-up of New York actor types auditioning to be a criminal.

It’s summertime, everybody!  But we’re not done yet.  In two weeks, tune in for our Best of the Spring Season Spectacular!  We’re going to go through all our Best Skits and pick the best one.

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Dwayne Johnson (Season 40, Episode 16)


It’s Fast & Furious week here at All My Friends Are Right Here!  Dwayne Johnson hosts Saturday Night Live for the 4th time (and our second “D. Johnson” in 3 episodes).

Join Scott, Kia, and Vince for their thoughts on The Rock Obama, wrestling promos, and truly impressive cartwheels.

Disney’s Bambi made a valiant effort for “Skit of the Night”, but the panel ultimately decided that WWE Promo Shoot was the stronger bit.

Next week, join us as Michael Keaton hosts for the 1st time in 23 years!

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AMFARH 009 – Rebooting Back to the Future

We’ve got to go back! This week the guys discuss Back to the Future and what it says about our own fascination with the generation in which we live.


Listen as they debate the merits of rebooting the classic film, then decide to do it anyway. The guys each draft their perfect reboot casts and directors, then vote on who has the best.

Who will come out on top?
Hint: it’s not the host who casts himself.

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