Saturday Night Love S41E13 – Melissa McCarthy


Guest-star Ashley joins Kia and Vince this week to talk about Melissa McCarthy’s episode of Saturday Night Live!

Discussion topics include: the sanctity of the Five-Timers Club, overhearing political conversations at Park Slope, how much of a goofball was Kyle Mooney as a kid, and should ever skit end with a car crash?

Those answers and more, all on SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE!


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All My Friends Are Right Here 049 – SNICK


Our podcast pioneers are back with an episode that’s especially made for 90s kids!  This is something which no podcast has ever done before!

This time, our intrepid hosts discuss Nickelodeon’s SNICK – their 90s primetime bloc for older kids, and what what shows were the best and what were the worst!

Also, which episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark” messed you up the most?  Who’s the best parent on Rugrats?  And what SNICK show re-enacted the story of Abraham & Isaac?


Saturday Night Love S41E08 – Chris Hemsworth


It’s Hemsworth’s time!  Thor stops by 30 Rock for the second time this year to host Saturday Night Live!

Vince, Scott, and Doug Vader remember Toonces the Driving Cat, marvel at the Predator font in “No Time to Bleed”, and wish they could be as cool as Chris Hemsworth (even though he’s weird now).


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Saturday Night Love S41E06 – Matthew McConaughey


Alright alright alright!  Failure to Launch star Matthew McConaughey hosts this week’s Saturday Night Love.  Vince brings the party down by talking about homeless mortality rates during the holiday season (seriously, donate your coats you’re no longer using to your local shelter), but Kia and Scott are more than happy to rate and review the show.

Yes, he deserves to host and I hope he does it well!


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Saturday Night Love – S41E01 – Miley Cyrus


We’re back for a brand new season of Saturday Night Love (formerly known as Tuesday Morning Pod)!  In our season premiere, we barely talk about Miley Cyrus, but instead talk about Taran Killam’s new Donald Trump impression, conning our brother’s husband out of his money, and how Scott thinks all white people look the same.  And we may get a little political!

I ain’t afraid of no Josts!


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