Some of My Friends Read Comics 157 – Black Widow: Web of Intrigue + Amazing Spider-Man #10

Just like in the movies, Black Widow spent most of her time in the comics as a side character until she finally got to stand in the spotlight on her own.

We took a look at a couple of these stories from the 80’s in a collection called Black Widow: Web of Intrigue, both written by Ralph Macchio.

First up is a George Perez story from Marvel Fanfare #10-13 and then a black & white one-shot in Bizarre Adventures #25 with art by Paul Gulacy.

And of course, we continued Amazing Spider-Man with issue #10 and the least memorable villains of all time.


Next Time: Super Metroid (from Nintendo Power 57-61)

S42E15-16 – Octavia Spencer & Scarlett Johansson



Scott stops by to cover the last two episodes of Saturday Night Love, hosted by Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer and newest five-timers-club member Scarlett Johansson.

Scott and Vince cover all the sketches, picking out the best catchphrases (“Will you eat?”), Al Franken’s chances at the presidency, and the hottest way to deep-throat an angler fish. And also, who’s the bigger Billy Zane fan?


Best Sketches of the Night

Tuesday Morning Pod: Best Skits of Season 40 List (Spring)

SNL40 Full Cast

Before our SNL Best Skit of the Season Spectacular next week, here’s one last chance to check out all the best skits from the Saturday Night Live, spring Season 40!

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with SNL, here’s the best 11 skits this spring had to offer.

Sound off in the comments about what your favorite was. Scott, Kia, and I may read your comment on the air and you will be immortalized forever in the completely permanent format of a weekly podcast series.

All the skits are embedded after the break!

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Tuesday Morning Pod: Scarlett Johansson (Season 40, Episode 19)


Start your morning on the right side of the bed with Tuesday Morning Pod!  It’s been 3 weeks, but Scott and Vince are back to talk about Scarlett Johansson’s 4th time hosting.  Join us to hear our thoughts on Weekend Update’s recent improvements, ScarJo and Pete Yorn’s band, and if anyone can have more fun with wigs than Taran Killam. Also, Vince stumps Scott with some SNL and Baseball Trivia.

The best skit of the night was the Black Widow trailer.

The 2nd best skit of the night was Jay Pharaoh’s reaction to ScarJo spoiling the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.  Just…watch Pharaoh’s face.

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