Some of My Friends Read Comics 157 – Black Widow: Web of Intrigue + Amazing Spider-Man #10

Just like in the movies, Black Widow spent most of her time in the comics as a side character until she finally got to stand in the spotlight on her own.

We took a look at a couple of these stories from the 80’s in a collection called Black Widow: Web of Intrigue, both written by Ralph Macchio.

First up is a George Perez story from Marvel Fanfare #10-13 and then a black & white one-shot in Bizarre Adventures #25 with art by Paul Gulacy.

And of course, we continued Amazing Spider-Man with issue #10 and the least memorable villains of all time.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 113 – Alpha Flight + All-Star Superman #10


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We’re celebrating our neighbors our neighbors up north by reading about their premiere superhero team, Alpha Flight!

We checked out their 1st appearance in Uncanny X-Men #120 and then read issues 1-4 of their ongoing series written and drawn by John Byrne.

Listen as we try to figure out how Vindicator / Guardian / Captain Canada is an even more milquetoast version of Cyclops. And then Clark Kent gets the scoop of a lifetime in All Star Superman #10!


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And here’s the Ant-Man hiding in Guardian’s box that Vince saw at Walmart!


Some of My Friends Read Comics 096 – Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff + Secret Wars 6


We tried to read Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff, but I think we must have picked up the wrong comic.

DeWolff, Spider-Man’s long-time friend in the NYPD, was barely in it!

We did get a little story about Daredevil and some villain named Sin-Eater?

And then we talked about politics even though we promised we wouldn’t. Plus Secret Wars rolls on with issue 6!


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 091 – Crisis on Infinite Earths Finale + Secret Wars 1


We’ve reached the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths!

And as our first long-read book ends, we jump right into our next one and begin Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (yes, that’s the full title).

We look back at the entirety of DC’s first event and what it meant for comics as a whole before reading Secret Wars #1 to see what direction Marvel took for their first event.

And we’ll keep reading an issue of Secret Wars every episode to see how the story progresses!


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 071 – The Death of Captain Marvel


Does it count as a spoiler if it’s in the title? Jim Starlin don’t care, he does what he wants.

He and Marvel changed up their regular comic book format with The Death of Captain Marvel in 1982, the beginning of a line of original graphic novels intended to be richer stories for a more mature audience and published like traditional books.

But what kills him?!?!?! Sorry, no spoilers.


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 020 – The New Teen Titans


When it comes to classic superteams, one of the first names that comes up is the Teen Titans.

It started out as kid versions of DC’s big guns, but when Marv Wolfman and George Perez reinvented the series with The New Teen Titans, they became one of the most popular teams of the 80’s.

Join us as we check out issues 1-6 from 1980!