Some of My Friends Read Comics 111 – Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage Pt. 2 + All-Star Superman #8


Whoa, Carnage is so Maximum it’s taking us two episodes to get through it. Spider-Man seems to be having a tough time getting through Maximum Carnage as well, because in parts 8-14 he really just can’t deal anymore.

All Star Superman also rolls on with issue 8. Booooooo!!!!! (Don’t worry, that’s a Bizarro Boo.)


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 110 – Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage Pt. 1 + All-Star Superman #7


Can you believe this is the 25th anniversary of the Maximum Carnage video game? A classic that has such accolades as being A Game and being Based On A Comic Book. At least we know it was a memorable comic book 14-parter that ran through the Spider-Man comics of 1993.

Actually, was it memorable? We know Carnage goes Maximum, but… what else? Let’s start finding out with parts 1-7.

We also don’t continue No Moon Superman with issue #7.


Next Time: Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage #8-14

Some of My Friends Read Comics 096 – Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff + Secret Wars 6


We tried to read Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff, but I think we must have picked up the wrong comic.

DeWolff, Spider-Man’s long-time friend in the NYPD, was barely in it!

We did get a little story about Daredevil and some villain named Sin-Eater?

And then we talked about politics even though we promised we wouldn’t. Plus Secret Wars rolls on with issue 6!


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Some of My Friends Read Comics 072 – Amazing Spider-Man #400: The Death of Aunt May


Aunt May. It’s really a miracle that she lived as long as she did. The woman was in her 70’s for about 30 years, always on the verge of death from some disease or another.

In 1995, writer J. M. DeMatteis agreed and finally killed her off in Amazing Spider-Man #400.

There were also a bunch of Spider-Clones running around. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that. Of course we’ll talk about that.


Next Time: She-Hulk (2004) #1-6 by Dan Slott

Some of My Friends Read Comics 009 – Spider-Man: The Clone Saga


If you’ve ever heard of The Clone Saga before, you probably know that it’s one of the most controversial storylines in Spider-Man’s history, and with good reason.

Originally planned to be a year-long event in the 90’s, it got muddled with so many loose plot threads among different writers that it ended up as a 3-year, 174-issue story that’s generally recognized as a stain on Marvel’s history.

In this week’s episode, the gang takes a look at 2009’s The Real Clone Saga which attempted to distill the story to the key points and tell it in the way it was originally meant to be told. But is it any good? Well we’re obviously not gonna tell you here, listen to the dang episode!!

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