Some of My Friends Read Comics 090 – Venom: Lethal Protector + Crisis 11


You want teeth? Venom’s got teeth!

As his first movie approaches release, we thought we’d read his first titular miniseries, Venom: Lethal Protector from 1993.

Venom travels through time*, fights five different versions of his own symbiote spawn, and deals with three different dudes in suits.

And we’ve got a special no-prize going out to the first listener to count all the teeth in these issues!

PLUS! We read the penultimate issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths…and it’s good?


Next Time: We wrap up Crisis on Infinite Earths with issue #12 and start our next long reading project, Secret Wars (1984) #1!

*Venom does not travel through time.

Some of My Friends Read Comics 072 – Amazing Spider-Man #400: The Death of Aunt May


Aunt May. It’s really a miracle that she lived as long as she did. The woman was in her 70’s for about 30 years, always on the verge of death from some disease or another.

In 1995, writer J. M. DeMatteis agreed and finally killed her off in Amazing Spider-Man #400.

There were also a bunch of Spider-Clones running around. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that. Of course we’ll talk about that.


Next Time: She-Hulk (2004) #1-6 by Dan Slott