Tuesday Morning Pod: Taraji P. Henson (Season 40, Episode 18)

tmp40-18Taraji P. Henson hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live, and boy, was Cookie a real Monster.

While an uneven episode, there was a little something for everyone – the return of Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, QVC cat jokes, Empire/Sesame Street mashups, and super racist A League of Their Own parodies.

All that and more in this week’s Tuesday Morning Pod!

Overall, there were a lot of skits that were good premise, but not much payoff.  Even so, there were some fantastic belly laughs to be had.

This week’s Best Skit of the Night was a controversial decision.  It was Scott and Kia’s favorite, but definitely not Vince’s favorite (because Vince is a good feminist).  It was Teacher Trial.

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