AMFARH 035 – Trivia Quest!


On this episode, our heroes engage in an epic Dungeons & Dragons style role-playing quest — and this time, the battles are fought not by rolling dice, but by answering pop culture trivia questions.

Armed only with their Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Love Guru knowledge, our heroes must rescue a village from the villainous thumb of lava-dwelling hipsters who drink bubbling PBR.

The only way to defeat them is to shame them.  And the only way to shame them is to know more than they do.


AMFARH 030 – Saturday Night Live Supercast


Prerecorded from New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and San Antonio, it’s All My Friends Are Right Here!

In honor of SNL’s 41st season premiere, the guys are looking back on five decades of the show to draft their all-time favorite casts.

Topics include: Johnny Dangerously, the many hairstyles of Tim Meadows, and Billy Crystal sketches that were actually Chris Kattan sketches.

Download (MP3):